About MTS – History
Creating Multinational Translating Service in 1993 was a natural next step for Founder Lisa Alesci.  Raised in a family of linguists and anthropologists, Lisa acquired a heightened sensitivity to the subtle, but crucial, distinctions among languages and cultures.
Lisa worked for the Irish government in its Boston office and for many foreign companies both in the U.S. and abroad. This experience, coupled with the growing need for cross-cultural communications, spawned Lisa’s idea for a comprehensive translation company emphasizing cultural context and superior service.

In 1996, partner Karen Miller joined MTS and helped develop the company’s reputation as one of the industry’s leading corporate and personal translation service providers. The company’s founders understood early on that the success of MTS would require a commitment to personal service not readily offered at other firms. Every assignment is evaluated and completed according to the unique needs of each individual client. Their standards of cultivating relationships and mutual respect apply to their translators as well, which explains why MTS translators are considered the best in the field.

Together, Lisa and Karen created a unique screening process to attract and retain only the most qualified translators who could meet or exceed MTS standards. Their stringent screening process for translators and interpreters considers not only appropriate credentials, but each individual’s work ethic to ensure quality results every time.


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Corporate Member of the American Translators Association | Long Island Association | World Trade Council
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