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Lisa Alesci was born in Northern Ireland and comes from a family of linguists and anthropologists. Lisa attended the College of Business Studies at Queens University, Belfast and has worked for many international companies including the Industrial Development Authority of Ireland in their Boston office, Aer Lingus, EuroCenter Dublin, Pan Am, Braniff International, and J.D. MacDonald & Co. 

Lisa is responsible for reviewing résumés, evaluating projects and matching and assigning them to the appropriate translator or translation team. Lisa's background, along with her extensive traveling abroad, has resulted in a profound respect for all cultures. Her ability to truly connect, regardless of language barriers or distance, has created lasting and productive relationships around the world.

Karen A. Miller offers over 20 years of administrative, finance, accounting, sales and marketing experience to the company.  She has worked for accounting firms and large corporations such as Sound Coat Company, Inc. and Waldbaums Supermarkets. Karen is particularly talented in streamlining management processes, yielding significant cost and time efficiencies.

Karen's primary function is internal administration, particularly concerning accounting, credit approval, costing, negotiating fees, invoicing and payments. On large projects, Karen is responsible for setting payment schedules and liaising between clients and translators on all matters involving payment. Her integrity and ability as a problem solver has earned respect from clients, translators and vendors.

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MTS Team