The MTS Translation Process


  • After pricing and scheduling have been finalized, MTS may ask you for an industry-specific glossary and any other relevant background information that will help your translator better understand your company’s product or service.
  • Your translator will send a translated “first draft” to a proofreading team, who edit for accuracy and appropriate cultural tone and manner.
  • This edited first draft is returned to your translator who generates a second draft. This second draft is sent back for an additional round of final proofreading to eliminate typographical errors and ensure proper punctuation.
  • Your translator reviews the final proofed draft, makes any necessary changes, and then creates a third and final draft that is forwarded to you for your approval. 
  • Should you require it, post-production proofing is offered after the translation has been further processed (print set-up, etc.). You may require this step to reassure yourself that nothing has been omitted or changed during typesetting and processing.  In this case, this becomes your final draft.



MTS is prepared to sign non-disclosure agreements to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your files. Controls are in place to monitor files and documents during all phases of the translation process, including number of copies made, shredding drafts, return of all support materials, etc.

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